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Ceridian – Before and After

I recently delivered a seminar for a client of ours, during which I talked the audience through before and after slides and an explanation of why we’d changed them. They asked us to record the slides, so I thought I’d also record a copy to share with you! The presentation slides focus on the modernisation of HR, and how 3 separate areas are key to driving this.

This is how I helped Ceridian move away from using bullet points and start using audience-focused, effective visual slides.

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    This is a great video. I’m interested to know how you filmed this. Are you in front of a green screen?


    Adam, thanks for commenting. We have been extremely busy at m62 for the last month so sorry for taking so long to respond.

    The video is recorded in our new studio (hence the reason we have been so busy!) and no, its not green screen! although the technology was developed by the same team that invented green screen. I am actually stood in front of a projector with a system that chromakeys in Infra Red (rather than visible green light) which means I can see the image behind me. MUCH easier to use than green screen.

    The technology is in its infancy and there are only 4 installations worldwide but its amazing. If you’d like to try it, we have a studios in Liverpool and LA depending on which side of the pond you are on, and there is no charge to come and have a play with our new toy..



    Nick, I have now watched three of your presentations – two were instructional and this one implemented your presentational concepts. I am doing a “cram course” in developing a sales presentation for my new business in which I will be trying to persuade business owners to purchase our offer.

    This presentation really rammed home the idea of using simple visuals in lieu of text outlines for getting my ideas across. I have been a classic “death by PowerPoint” presenter for years, and I am determined to change my ways! Thanks for sharing such important information with the rest of us.

    (Oh, and thanks for sharing about the new Infra Red technology. I am just now exploring the use of green screening. I guess I’m behind on the technology curve even before I start!)

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