Marathon presenting

Staying fresh, when you’re not!

Last week I was in New Jersey delivering a training course for a medical services client and ran two courses back to back. This is something I hadn’t done in a long time and I had forgotten how hard it was to maintain enthusiasm for long periods of time.

Groucho Marks famously once said “if you can manufacture sincerity you’ve got it made”.  In a presentation I think this should be “if you can manufacture enthusiasm you’ve got it made”. Audiences respond to enthusiasm better than any other presenting characteristic, but it is hard to maintain. Adrenalin can help but four days on your feet in front of an audience, continually practicing what you are preaching is exhausting even when you love what you do.

Here are my tips for marathon presenting.

  • Take a break (find time away from the delegates)
  • Good night’s sleep (don’t stay out late the night before)
  • Change the delivery of the material slightly each time

Best advice is to plan a days’ break in between. I am beginning to forget what I have said during each course as they are all beginning to run together in my head.

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