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The Future of Webinars

Last month, I delivered the first webinar of its kind: a live broadcast of the presenter (in this case, me!), delivering a presentation – in front of my slides.

This truly is breakthrough technology as delivering a webinar in this way has never been possible before. Being able to see the presenter as well as the slides keeps audiences engaged, and makes presentations far more effective. This really has the potential to completely revolutionise the way webinars are delivered in the future.

The webinar explained how and why businesses should be using video content to drive sales, and just what the latest technology is capable of. But don’t worry if you missed it – you can watch the recording here!

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    It would have be both professional and courteous to trim the presentation so that viewers don’t need to sit idle for twominutes at the beginning of the video. Also, there is another way to achieve the objective you created for yourself using screencast. Screencast has been around for a decade.


    Presentation was very well executed. We use computer monitors near the camera to show what’s displayed on the green screen. The new technology is interesting indeed.

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