Don’t be a Twit

If what you have to say isn’t more beautiful than silence… Shut up. Confuses for Presentations and tweets methinks.

Tweeted 25 Apr 2012

I’ve been looking through my twitter account, which is largely a soliloquy  (for an audience of 1.. me) and thought I might occasionally share a collection of related tweets here.. so here is the first collection of 17

11 Feb 2013

Those who think they are good find the need to state it. Those who know don’t.

10 Jan 2013

Advice is cheap But good advice is invaluable (as it is rare.)

19 Oct 2012

What they hear and what you say are not always the same

10 Feb 2012

Win with dignity, Lose with grace

6 Sep 2011

Never underestimate # of people capable of spending 8hr transatlantic reordering bullets\slides & believe they spent the flight working!

17 Aug 2011

Presentations are what happened to the audience, not what was intended by the presenter.

22 May 2011

Presentations without structure are not presentations they are ramblings; occasionally interesting often inane always inadvisable!

9 Nov 2010

Simplifying Complexity is genius (& hard); Complicating Simplicity is foolish (& easy); which presenter are you, Wise man or Fool?

9 Oct 2010

Knowing your philosophy is right isn’t important. Knowing it’s wrong is more productive.

8 Oct 2010

Re-ordering slides isn’t presentation preparation, it’s a diversion tactic

5 Aug 2010

If the best thing about your presentation is the design… You’re screwed!

10 Jun 2010

What people feel influences what they do.. Not what they say..

26 May 2010

Audiences don’t often care about what you want.

21 Sep 2009

It’s difficult to over prepare for a presentation. But not impossible.

30 Apr 2009

Strive for effective communication not just impressive presentation

24 Mar 2009

Here I tweet, only started, wrote two lines, now departed

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