Credit Crunch: Sales Dilemma!

I have spent a luxurious 3 weeks in the UK without overseas travel while the unfolding global financial crisis has been almost the sole news item, and I have been left with the distinct feeling that times for sales people are about to get interesting.

Did selling just become more important?

Well, yes. It seems fairly obvious to us that as the world faces a recession businesses are going to need to sell smarter. Do more with less is the recession mantra and, for sales people, that means win more from less. No dung Sherlock; the elementary question is how?

Here’s the dilemma: How do you maintain sales but cut costs at the same time? The answer, as my first sales manager used to say, is “work smarter not harder” and in the last 8 weeks we have heard the same story from clients all over the world. Sales opportunities are getting more scarce and competition more fierce. Does this climate pose a threat or proffer an opportunity? Continue reading →

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